Kim Kardashian leggings and babolat tennis bags

Kim Kardashian leggings-; It seems she now wants to becomes a sport personality,playing tennis ,rather than dating sports personalities. Over the weekend Kim was spotted out with her mom Kris Jenner shopping in Calabasas Calif . She was wearing stretchy leggings as opposed to the usual traditional waistband. She also had heeled black boots, a denim vest and a white tank.

While this was a casual look – she did not forget her luxury accesories- she had a great looking purse – a luxe pink Chanel bag and the popular Babolat tennis rackets in a bag.

While though this is not the first time she has flaunted her figure the Daily Mail scorned that her leggings were “too tight” and “unflattering”.
Well we have to let you decide.

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